Client: YouTube (Big Spaceship)
Role: Social Content Writer
Spec work
Here’s a handful of tweets I wrote for Big Spaceship after they asked for spec work during a job application.

They also asked for a strategic opportunity for one of their clients and I wrote this for YouTube Gaming:

YouTube Gaming should promote indie developers. The increasing number of indie developers is a huge opportunity for YouTube Gaming to foster a community of creators. Gaming is so much more than watching esports or Let’s Play videos. Right now YouTube Gaming is similar to Twitch in that it only promotes popular games or streaming personalities but neither do much for game developers. If YouTube Gaming can gain the support of indie developers a number of benefits could occur. Once an indie developer finds success through YouTube Gaming promoting their game, others will follow. Eventually this promotion could turn into a very lucrative advertising opportunity to put a game on the spotlight. Games will be built with YouTube Gaming compatibility in mind, providing easier streaming and video uploading, thus creating more content for YouTube Gaming.